Reboot & Renew Your Well Being

Natural Light Therapies

Cold Thermogenesis ( C.T.)

Credited to JACK KRUSE

Deuterium Depletion Protocols


If you live what you learn – it will change your life.


Life Coaching

We help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want..

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Nutrition Counseling

Balanced nutrition, alongside a relaxed relationship with food, provides a solid foundation for doing what you love and living a value-filled life.

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Individualized Protocols

Everyone is different, and we understand that. We take a unique individualized approach to help you live a healthy lifestyle.

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Personal Shopping

Getting the right foods at the grocery store is tough. Let me help you choose all the nutritional items that will help guide you into a healthier lifestyle.

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Meet Our Practitioner & Health Coach

Our goal is to inform you about how to achieve optimum health, energy and vitality.

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Deuterium Depletion Protocols

The first step in your journey to wellness

Free Consultation

One-on-one in person or on phone consultations. We offer all modalities of counseling for each individual's needs.



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Envision your life after cleansing and nourishing.

cleansing and nourishing protocols lessen the burden on the immune system.

Envision a better life with improved health and wellness. The focus of these very special practices will be uncompromising individualized care and an exceptionally resourced focus on prevention, lifestyle modification, and culinary medicine. We recognize that lifestyle choices can contribute significantly to treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses. Guiding people on nutrition, individualized protocols, alternative therapies, and improving overall lifestyle habits are the first steps to getting on—and staying on—the path to wellness.


Increased Energy


Increase Metabolism and Lose Weight


Clear Brain Fog


Improve Sleep


Improve Digestion and Gut Function


Reverse Poor Adrenal and Thyroid Function


A better lifestyle:

Adopting a cleaner and better lifestyle without sacrifice.





Life is a customized curriculum for your growth, learning and enjoyment. When we wake up to this and appreciate that life responds to how we show up and engage with it, everything changes. When you align with Reality, pay attention to how you are showing up and gently and repeatedly shift from dysfunctional, limiting behaviors into aware Presence and act from that, with the support of others, all manner of capacity and full optimized potential become your new reality.


Trophology is the study of applicable nutrition and food combining, the artful and intuitive knowing of food.