Pulsed ELECTRO magnetic Frequency

Alternative Therapy


Provide yourself with an effective pain management and recovery solution for home with the PER 2000 Junior.

This non-invasive, all-natural therapeutic tool targets pain sources in the body through powerful, yet safe, magnetic energy pulses.

As a method of Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, the PER 2000 Junior energizes the body's cells and optimizes their function to promote rapid repair.

Athletes, those managing chronic pain conditions or injury patients can all benefit from magnetic healing – and operating the PER 2000 Junior in your home can also help other family members as well. 





Photobiomodulation Therapy

  • At the cellular level, visible red and near/far red

  • Light energy

  • Stimulating cells to generate more energy and undergo self repair

  • Each cell has mitochondria, which reform the function of production cellular energy called "ATP"

  • Photobiomodulation, or PBM, is a term from the field of photobiology, which studies the biological effects – both beneficial and harmful – of light wavelengths on living organisms. You may have heard of PBM referred to alternatively as: low-level light therapy, red light therapy, mitochondrial stimulation, mito-stim, or simply light therapy. Different names for the same thing.

    PBM occurs when light photons are absorbed by living tissue, but not just any light will do. PBM is only possible within a certain wavelength range on the electromagnetic light spectrum: specifically from 600-1000 nanometers. This range is known as the ‘mitochondrial stimulation band’ (or ‘healing band’) because only these wavelengths of light stimulate the cellular mitochondrial light receptor enzyme, cytochrome-c oxidase. It thus encompasses both red light (600-700nm) and a portion of near infrared light (700-1500nm). When light from within this band of wavelengths is absorbed by the cells of the human body, the cell responds by increasing ATP production, releasing Nitrous Oxide, and forming Reactive Oxygen Species – all of which work to produce large-scale systemic benefits to the health of the body. Some, but not all, of the studied benefits of PBM are: promotion of anti-aging, enhancement of athletic performance, improvements in memory and cognition, accelerated muscle healing, and boosted cellular regeneration.

    The utility of PBM as a non-invasive therapy with such a wide range of benefits is truly amazing.


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