Our Vision

Are you ready to break free?


Life is a customized curriculum for your growth, learning and enjoyment. When we wake up to this and appreciate that life responds to how we show up and engage with it, everything changes. When you align with Reality, pay attention to how you are showing up and gently and repeatedly shift from dysfunctional, limiting behaviors into aware Presence and act from that, with the support of others, all manner of capacities come online. We come to realize that for most of our life we have been asleep. We were never in charge, our conditioning, unconsciousness and our environment was in charge of us. No wonder we felt disconnected and fearful. No wonder we felt closed and a need to protect yourself. These old patterns were the legacy of childhood, survival based mechanisms designed to help your survive childhood. They now, in adulthood become your limitations. So the question is – are you ready to break free? Are you ready to step into your Power, connect authentically with others and Be Unlimited?


    If you live what you learn - it will change you & your life.


    We will teach you:

    • Why the soul’s journey, the journey into learning and life, is so challenging, and how to work with those challenges rather than against them.
    • A perspective on what your life purpose and gifts are – and invite you to discover whether it is true for you!
    • What active surrender is, and how to embrace its transformational potency.
    • How to continue to show up, wake up and trust in life’s infinite intelligence.
    • How to transform your relationships and start seeing with the eyes of heart.
    • Why connecting with others and creating mutually supportive and empowering is key to your expansion into the world.
    • In conversation with me.
    • The how to shift into heart-empowered living.
    • A way of being in the world in which you feel grateful and connected most of the time.