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Edward Ambrose H.T. Trophologists
I.A.C.T International Association of Counselors & Therapist 

Holistic therapy

I am a functional diagnostic nutritional counselor in Boston, Massachusetts with 30 years of experience and education, Naturopathic science, and Trophology the science of nutrition. What I offer is individualized targeted nutrient counseling and therapy programs to facilitate well-being through detoxing of chemical and other imbalances in one’s body chemistry , heal the adrenals and thyroid, regain energy and brain function and reverse and prevent disease. 

POWER OF THE Whole body

I intend to inform you about how to achieve optimum health, energy and vitality. One that empowers you to improve your health through knowledge of Mitochondria Detox, Health Bioenergetics, the Paleo diet, and natural treatments for your health conditions.

Uncommonsense approach

Our programs are Research and Science based,

logical, simplistic and eyeopening.

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